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Horse riding and passion about horses, it's all we speak about !

You are the owner of a horse, a simple person, a future owner or a professional horse racing? Know that Equitack can help you achieve your biggest dream. Indeed, you can follow all the activities, news of your favorite racehorses and their ranking. You can interact with many professional while having the opportunity to choose certain business functions in particular. Our site does not allow you to not only monitor in real time all the races of your favorite horses, it also allows you to trade directly with the owners and so put your money in the case of a horse race. You also have the possibility to follow the whole program of races and events racetrack near you. You are totally free in either your efforts or in your research.

A complete library to inform you

If you are still a beginner in the field, know that you have at your disposal a real online library to inform you. The latter will help you learn more about all the specific terms of the world of horse racing, the benefits, the guide for the owner, dressage, endurance, care, breeding while taking time discover all this universe without any obligation. You can also deepen your research thanks to the search engine that we put at your disposal:

You can find your way horses shares to buy, shares of stables for your research, your budget, your needs, your location and other. You can discover all players in the racing world, the new owner of the guide, the best means of acquiring a racehorse without ruining you and others that this is a galloper, a trotter, of a foal, a yearling, a driving horse, a mare or a stallion.

Now, run your race in terms of finances and increase your gain by professionals. Learn to manage your time and your money.

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