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Our advice on taking care of your horse

The horse, like other pets, needs some care. These treatments ensure that your horse is in good health and good shape and also allows you to establish an intimate relationship with it. Follow our tips on how to take care of your horse in order to get the best out of it.

The Horse’s Grooming: An Important Step

Called grooming in equestrian jargon, the horse’s toilet is an important step. It must be done on a daily basis. In addition, a more thorough grooming should be done after a competition or intense work. For the horse’s toilet, it is recommended to choose a suitable place. Grooming also helps check injuries and other slight injury that may be due to an inappropriate saddle. You may find quality saddles on

How to groom the horse

We recommend that you groom your pet in the following order:

First, clean your horse’s coat using suitable brushes. It will be to brush his coat with a curry-comb, a dandy brush and a horse brush especially on the face.Then use a hoof pick to remove dirt under your companion’s hoof. Always put yourself next to your pet, folding and supporting the paw with one hand, while you clean the hoof with the other hand.

Wash Your Horse in Tepid Water

Washing your horse is an important step, especially if this one has worked under the heat. A shower will help to refresh and help it get rid of all the dirt in its coat. To do this, you need a shedder and a sponge. Start by wetting the legs and then go up gradually. Avoid wetting the head or kidneys directly. Use a damp sponge for this.

Feeding the Horse

The horse is an herbivore. It feeds on grass, whether green or forage. But you can also diversify your diet by incorporating cereals, special foods or food supplements. However, meals must be regular and at fixed times. Do not forget to put water at your disposal and permanently.

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