27 Février 2019 à 12h53 - 1576

Training lesson special jumping !

First, let's talk about the importance of training. Your horse is an athlete, do not forget. And like any good sport, it requires physical and intellectual training roughly pushed depending on your objectives and its capabilities. The horse is not a machine, and muscles need to be prepared and preserved.

The jumping

This discipline helps to have good feelings. The show jumping is working in different ways, but do you know it's bad for the horse jumping everyday big heights ?
- Bounce: A 3 to 6 fences on a line, a height of 50 cm. Each obstacle is spaced from 3.30 to 3.50 m. The rider must stay balanced, one contact on the reins.
- Entry Trotting on an obstacle Online: In an input adjustment bar to the ground, 2.20m away a cross and then to 5.50 m right, then to 5.50 m Right 2nd and 5 80 m a oxer.
- Entry Galloping on a line of obstacles: On input an adjustment bar on the ground, 3m a cross, then a right 6,50m, 6,70m to right 2nd and a 7m oxer.
- Series of obstacles to a height roughly equivalent, spread throughout the career.

Some tips for your training to jump ostacle

- Do not jump with anyone: always ride with an instructor who knows your trust, quietly.
- Do not jump to any horse obviously refuse to make obstacle with a horse that is too difficult for you.
- Make the seat layout: do regular setting jumping saddle - and on the flat elsewhere, without the reins, without stirrups, hands on head, discarded on the side or back ... you'll be able to follow and accompany easily jump your horse staying in your place.
- Work on yourself: work your mind and breathing.

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